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Henry Diltz

David's Photographer and Friend...

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"Under The Covers is like a magic carpet ride that takes you through the '60s and up to the present day, winding its way through music and festivals and happenings. The movies, pictures and sounds together provide a stunning backdrop to the stories told by both Henry Diltz and his art director partner, Gary Burden. If you don't have this CD-Rom then you probably have no idea just what an amazing piece this is for David Cassidy fans, with an extensive section on the photo shoot for the The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall album cover, as well as the cheerleader photos from 1974, David's time at Caribou Ranch in Colorado in 1976, and the shoot for the rear cover of Home Is Where The Heart Is. Henry's friendship with David pervades all his anecdotes, and as you will have seen on the VH1 Behind The Music special, Henry was always close by David's side during the heady times of the early '70s." Debbie K

Photo By Henry Diltz

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