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David Cassidy : The Dav -O'- Lantern !

Your going to love this ! It's a pattern to create your own personal Dav -O'-Lantern for Halloween or Thanksgivng parties ! You can even use a mellon for year round parties! You will need a Templete. The Templete will fit a standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper. You will need to print this out just as you see it. Printing it this way will save you black ink. After it is printed, tape your Templete to the front of your pumpkin. With a pumkin carving kit, (sold at K-marts, CVS Drug stores etc...) Follow instructions. Remember you want to cut out only the BLACK areas on this Templete ! Be carefull to leave the gray & white areas around the nose, mouth etc.. thick enough so the don't break! Use the POKER tool to outline your black areas. Use the DETAIL saws for small areas such as lashes, hair etc... He makes a really AWESOME pumpkin! Have fun and if you choose to make a Dav-O'-Lantern please send me some pics to post here!